Eight-toothed Cuckoo-leaf-cutter Bee
Coelioxys octodentatus

Coelioxys octodentatus
These beautiful little  leafcutter bees were all over my
Butterfly Milkweed plants in Taylorsville, Salt Lake
County, Utah.  The "eight-toothed" reference is to the
spiked end of the abdomen.  "Cuckoos" generally lay
their eggs in other bees nests. © Carol Davis 6-23-2021

cuckoo leafcutter bee
The flowers in this photo are very small and so is the
leafcutter.  I don't have the fancy equipment to
photograph something this small with great precision,
but a look through some good binoculars with a six-foot
close-up focus brings out the beauty of these little
 "cuckoos".  Save up for some good binoculars and
you won't regret it.  © Carol Davis 6-32-2021

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