Leaf-cutting or Resin Bee (four photos)
Genus Megachile

Subgenus Megachile

hairy-faced bee
Catmint is just about the most favorite flower for the
tiny bees in my yard in Taylorsville, Utah. They like the
lighter purple flowers
better than the darker, for
some reason.  Carol Davis 9-1-2021

perfect little hairy leafcutter bee
These little compact leafcutter bees are hardly noticeable
as they visit the small flowers in your yard.  This one is
especially hairy.  Carol Davis 9-1-2021

hairy bee
This is the Groucho Marx of the bee world
with that load of "stache" on its upper lip.
Carol Davis, 7-4-2010, Pineview Reservoir, Utah

small leaf-cutting bee
Here it is again. It seems to have a wide
wingspread for a tiny guy.
Carol Davis, 7-4-2010

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