Red-footed Cuckoo-leaf-cutter Bee   (two photos)
Coelioxys rufitarsis

I found this interesting female leaf-cutting bee in Red Butte Garden.  It is a cuckoo leaf-cutter (cleptoparasite);
that is, it lays
its eggs in the nest of other bees (Megachile) after it destroys the resident eggs. When the new
eggs hatch, the larvae feed on what the original hard-working bee put in the nest for her young. Doesn't seem
fair, does it?  The next picture shows the wing venation and pointed abdomen.  Carol Davis 7-25-2013

cuckoo leaf-cutter bee
 It's quite a beautiful bee isn't it? I love the green eyes. As for its nesting habits, they may be cruel, but there's
drama everywhere in nature. That's what makes it so interesting to study. Thanks to Bugguide for the final
identification of this cuckoo bee on July 25, 2015.  Carol Davis, 7-25-2013

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