Leaf-cutter Bee
Genus Megachile

bee on a stick
I found this beautiful bee on a little path at Strawberry Reservoir. It was a pretty good size
for a leaf-cutter bee and I noticed right away it couldn't (or wouldn't) fly.  I was worried it would
be attacked by ants or some other predators.  © Carol Davis 8-21-2013

Its wings looked pretty worn but I don't know if that was why it couldn't fly. It didn't look
like it was burdened with too much pollen.
Maybe it was on a land journey to far
off places (the boat harbor, Vernal, the Unitas?).  Having run out of reasons why it
 couldn't fly, I
put it on this stick and held it up high to see if it would fly off, but it
do it.  I hated to leave it - it was so beautiful and so calm. I finally
placed it on a nearby plant and wished it luck.  © Carol Davis 8-21-2013

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