Leaf-cutter Bee   (three photos)
Genus Anthidium

Anthidium bee
This little green-eyed beauty was flying around the Jordanelle Dam wetlands.  It has a unique pattern on
its abdomen that I hope will eventually help to identify it to species. © Carol Davis, 6-22-2012

leaf-cutter bee
These leaf-cutting mason bees are from the genus Anthidium.  Mason bees build their nests in hollow reeds
or in holes in wood.  They construct a compartment made
of mud or chewed leaves, fill it with pollen/nectar on
which they lay eggs, and seal the opening with
mud. Then the process begins again and the final product is a
series of sealed compartments. You can read more here on
Wikipedia.  © Carol Davis 6-22-2012

mason bee
The more I'm around bees the more I appreciate their beauty and their drive to reproduce.
All bees have their enemies and it's truly amazing how they thrive through
caused by pesticides, loss of habitat, and parasites.  © Carol Davis 6-22-2012

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