Western Leaf-footed Bug
Leptoglossus clypealis
1 inch

brown bug
I was excited to find this insect at Promontory Point just hanging around on sunflowers.  Leaf-footed Bugs are pretty
serious pests of plants and trees with nuts and seeds being their preferred meal.  If it was waiting to feed on sunflower
seeds in this Utah desert, it was going to have to wait a long time. Carol Davis 7-11-2010

leaf-footed bug
This beautiful bug seemed to be waiting for a chance to be photographed. I'm probably the first human it has ever seen
so it was a little curious about me and what I was doing. 
Carol Davis 7-11-2010

leaffooted bug
These bugs are not harmful to humans and are quite interesting to watch. I love the "leaves" on their legs. 
This one was thinking of flying so I got a shot of the wing--it's transparent!  I got a few more shots
of this bug when it decided not to fly after all. 
Carol Davis 7-11-2010

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