Leaffooted Bug
"Western Leaf-footed Bug"
Leptoglossus clypealis
about 1"

This Leaffooted Bug was on my garbage can one day. I have never seen one in my yard before. It was trying to figure out how to
get to the ground (about  4 1/2 feet) and so when I'd take its picture it would try to get over on to my camera or to my body for a
way down to the ground. What a wuss!  It can fly!  This one, as well as the one below, was not as colorful as the one I found in
 Kolob.  The camera flash did bring a little more color on this one but in regular light it was darker. © Carol Davis 8-28-2009

leaf-footed bug
I was surprised to find this one on a bridge on the causeway to Antelope Island since these isects are seed-eaters. 
There were certainly no trees or large plants near where I would expect one of these to be. © Carol Davis, 5-18-2009

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