"Cactus Coreid" Leaf-footed Bug  (two photos)
Chelinidea vittiger

Chelinidea vittiger mating pair
My brother had just pointed out this cactus when I noticed the leaf-footed bugs on it. Someone
brought in this invasive species to control Prickly Pear, heaven knows why, and these two bugs
were determined to keep the species going.  © Carol Davis 4-12-2017

male cactus coreid
My sister-in law, Nicky, pointed out the difference in body shape between the male and female.
It's pretty significant. We believe the "squattier" bug is the female and the longer-bodied bug
the male.  They and their offspring make a mess of the Prickly Pear but are said not to have
a significant lasting effect.  © Carol Davis 4-12-2017

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