Leafhopper  (four photos)
Norvellina rubida

norvellina rubida
This day at Strawberry Reservoir and surrounding areas I seemed to attract tiny
to my car. This was was very cute and colorful.  © Carol Davis 6-30-2013

striped leafhopper with pink eyes
Norvellina rubida was walking around on the inside of my car window and then moved to the
leather part below after I took some pictures of it. I think it was annoyed with the flash and I was
disturbing its view of the scenery around Strawberry (see next photo).  © Carol Davis 6-30-2013

pink-eyed striped grasshopper
Enjoying the view and trying to figure out how to get there.  © Carol Davis 6-30-2013

norvellina rubida
I have to say that as much as I bothered this insect, it was surprisingly calm. It was so small it was
hard to get a decent picture.  Check out the insects that ride along with you in your car when you're
on a trip, it could surprise you. It helps to keep the windows down :] © Carol Davis 6-30-2013

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