Locust Borer  (three photos)
Long-horned Beetle
Megacyllene robiniae

Megacyllene robinae in Taylorsville, Utah
I was taking pictures in my garden when I looked
down in the grass and saw this Locust Borer trying
to get up high enough to take flight.  So I sat down in
the grass to take photograph. © Carol Davis 9-17-2021

locust borer
All it wanted was to get over to the Goldenrod.
While the larvae dine on the insides of Black
Locusts, the adults dine on nectar from this
plant. © Carol Davis, 9-17-2021, Taylorsville, UT

locust borer face
This Locust Borer was sipping juices from a dying tree in
 Sugar House, along with a friend,
the Bumble Flower Beetle. 
My niece, and her son, found it.   It is a gorgeous, but
very destructive, insect. © Carol Davis 9-13-2014

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