Locust Borer  (three photos)
Long-horned Beetle
Megacyllene robiniae

locust borer
This Locust Borer was sipping juices from a dying tree in Sugar House, along with a friend, the Bumble Flower
Beetle.  My niece, Candice, and her son, Anthony, found it. It is a gorgeous insect. © Carol Davis 9-13-2014

Megacyllene robiniae
Megacyllene robiniae lay their eggs in Black Locusts and the larva are extremely destructive,
eventually killing
the trees.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2014

locust borer face
This thing was very active and when I took it to my house I placed it in a little jar and put it in
the freezer so it would stop moving long enough to take a picture (and not fly off, as it was
 trying to do when I opened the lid of the jar Anthony had put it in).  I imagine its coloring
resembles a wasp to warn other insects to leave it alone.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2014

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