March Fly  (two photos)

"Love Bug"

march fly
On this spring day on Antelope Island there were a gazillion of these flies hanging around on the bushes. This particular
 photo shows the beautiful colors of the wings as the strong morning sun hits them.  Just like last year at this time, the
biting midges were lethal but with a good dose of insect repellant, they were kept pretty much at bay.  There were a few spots
I missed, which won't be forgotten for at least two weeks until the intense itching stops.  Arrgh! © C. Davis, 4-26-2010

dung fly
These little flies can be found on dung or just flying around landing on rocks like this one was doing on Antelope
Island.  He was a very good study as he held still for decent photos.  Some literature I have read states they
are harmless to people, other sources claim they do bite.  This one was not biting because of the veil of biting
 midges surrounding me.  I also read that March Flies are called "Love Bugs" because they are "always" mating,
 even on the fly (so to speak).  This one seemed to be a confirmed bachelor (ette).  © Carol Davis, 5-4-2008

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