March Fly  (three photos)
Family Bibionidae

March Fly
I was trolling along a road near Promontory Point when I noticed that there were a LOT of little
 flies popping up from the ground. Well, I had to investigate and found these March Flies. Some had
red on the legs and some were hairy and didn't have any red on the legs. I didn't know until that
day that they emerged from the ground en masse- it was like "popcorn March Flies."  I would
have been grossed out if I hadn't seen March Flies before. © Carol Davis 4-30=2017

All they cared about was finding a mate. You can read more about Bibionidae here on Bugguide.

(By the way, I had to use a flash on these little creatures because the day was a little dingy so
that's why the twigs are whited out.) 
©Carol Davis 4-30-2017

march fly
I was just lucky enough to catch this March Fly (genus Bibio - not species specific yet)  with its wings
 spread at Bear River MBR. © Carol Davis 5-10-2009

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