Masked Bee  (four photos)
Genus Hylaeus

masked bees in northern
I was thrilled to see these little bees in my garden
in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah.  They all
had yellow triangular or rectangular markings
on their
faces. Very cute! © Carol Davis 9-26-20

Utah hylaeus bee
According to Bugguide, Masked Bees "lack external pollen
transporting structures (e.g. scopa) and store pollen and
nectar internally in a "honey stomach".
I actually first
found these sweet things on August 21, but
took these
clearer pictures on September 26.
© Carol Davis 9-26-2020

Hylaeus bees
The facial masks slightly resemble elongated hearts or
tears. The one shown below actually had kind of a yellow
 central plate instead of the tears. © Carol Davis 9-26-2020

white plate face mask on
            Masked Bee
After a little  more research today (9/30/2020), I found
out these are bubble-blowing bees and the males have
 the larger yellow face plate while the females have
the teardrops.  You can read more about them in this
very informative article. © Carol Davis 9-26-2020

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