Mason Bee
Genus Osmia

mason bee
Is this cute, or what?! A beautiful blue-black, stocky bee with a gold diamond on its forehead!  It's possible the gold color may be
from pollen accumulating on that diamond-shaped spot. I wish I could have found more of these because this is the first Mason Bee
I've seen. It was busily pollinating flowers at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

Mason Bees build their nests in hollow stems or in the ground. Mud is packed between each individual cell - hence the
 name "Mason" - like a brick mason. 
They are cooler-weather bees and only live about 6 weeks. Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

osmia mason bee
Not only did it have a gold-studded forehead but it also had a gold necklace. Ritzy!  Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

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