May Beetle
Genus Phyllophaga

may or june beetle
I took these photos about eight years ago and forgot I had them. These brown beetles are everywhere in
spring in Taylorsville, Utah and I just saw my first one last week (first of March, 2014). Not all May Beetles
are this golden brown color, but can be various shades of brown, gray, or black.  © Carol Davis 5-13-2006

large brown beetle
This is what they look like a lot of the time because they get on their backs and can't turn over.
If you want to tickle a beetle's belly, spring is the time to do it.  If you lean down and get real
close to their heads, you can sometimes here them giggle. © Carol Davis 5-13-2006

Phyllophaga beetle
The adults feed on leaves and the larva (aka grubs) feed on roots. They have cute little faces (the larva
are not cute), as you can
see, but they can be real pests in large numbers. I never see them eating; I only
see them
lounging in my carport or hanging around porch lights.  Wikipedia has an article about them
so does Cahri's Bugs Online.  © Carol Davis 5-13-2006

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