Minnow Mayfly  (two photos)
Callibaetis ferrugineus

Callibaetis ferrugineus mayfly
Mayflies have all kinds of wing patterns which make them fun to photograph.  This year has been a great year for them
and right now in September I am finding them stuck all over the outside of my house changing into a more beautiful
form of themselves.  
I guess they also make good snacks for migrating birds (when they're not molting). You can read
 all about these primitive insects on Wikipedia.  Below is another photo I took in 2012. © Carol Davis 9-13-2016

mayfly caught in a spider web
I find lots of mayflies in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wastach County, Utah but this one, which
I found hanging in a web,
was exceptionally beautiful.  It looked like it had passed on to Mayfly
Heaven (possibly
from boredom) because it didn't appear to have been eaten by the resident
spider; perhaps the
spider was sick of mayflies.   © Carol Davis, 5-20-2012

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