Leaf-cutting Bee  (three photos)
Genus Megachile
Subgenus Xanthosarus

These shy little bees visit my flowers on my deck and they don't take much camera intrusion.  I'm lucky I
can sneak in for a couple of shots because when the bees see me, they leave and don't return until I leave.
Carol Davis, 9-6-2010

bee with butt in the air
I have seen birds that bob their little butts in the air but these bees really surprise me.  I have never seen a
 bee move around with a tush wave but, as they say, everyone and everything seems to dance to a different
beat in life. 
Carol Davis, 9-5-2010

megeachile bee
Maybe it helps to get your head down into those flowers if your weight is forward, but the upward-waving
motion continues as they move across the flowers.
Whatever the reason, the strange behavior makes
these little pollinators very adorable!   Carol Davis, 9-5-2010

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