Metallic Green Bee  (four photos)
Genus Agapostemon


I found this beautiful Metallic Green Bee in my garden in Taylorsville, Utah. They are hard to photograph because
 they are so aware of your presence and tend to make a quick getaway when approached.
The eyes are fascinating.
© Carol Davis 5-7-2012

metallic green bee
This one found the yellow flowers especially attractive, and I can't say I blame him. It's so cool to see
a garden alive with bees. © Carol Davis, 5-7-2012

According to Bugguide, there are 11 different species in our area.  © Carol Davis, 2000

These last two photos show two different species of Metallic Green Bees.  Notice the difference in
the antennae, wings and leg size and coloring. The third photo is from Antelope Island and
this one was taken at Bear River Bird Refuge. If you scroll down on this page on Bugguide, you
will see some of the different species. © Carol Davis, 2005 and 2006

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