Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (four photos)
Family Buprestidae

Genus Anthaxia

These two Metallic Wood-boring Beetles of the genus Anthaxia were cavorting in some flowers
at Payson Lakes in Utah County.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2008

Species:  Acmaeodera diffusa

metalic wood-boring beetle
I found these beautiful, but destructive, wood-boring beetles in the wetlands below Jordanelle Dam.  Wood-boring beetles are very
destructive in the larval stage as they can actually kill trees by girdling the trunks.  The adults, obviously, prefer  pollen.

Acmaeodera diffusa
I think these Acmaeodera diffusa are beautiful!  Look how different the patterns are on each of  these even though
I found them on the same kind of flowers in the same general area.

yellow and black beetle identified the top two as Acmaeodera diffusa species and I'm assuming this beetle  may be the
 same species.
© Carol Davis, 6-21-2005

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