Metallic Wood-boring Beetle  (two photos)
Buprestis confluenta

"Jewel Beetle"

Buprestis confluenta
This beautiful metallic wood-boring beetle conveniently landed on an open plant field guide being held by my friend,
Ruth Sulik, while we were walking through the BOR site along the river below Jordanelle Dam. 
Bugs seem to like her.
  © Carol Davis, 6-23-2012

wood-boring beetle
This beetle feeds on decaying plants and trees as an adult and bores through Aspen and Cottonwood as a larva.
Whitney Cranshaw and Matt Camper have written a fine article that not only tells about the Emerald Ash Borer
(Agrilus Plannipennis) but about many other borers
including Ruth's Buprestis confluenta.  © Carol Davis 6-23-2012

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