Metallic Wood-boring Beetle  (three photos)
"Flatheaded Conifer Borer"
Dicerca tenebrosa

Dicerca tenebrosa
Hefty Metallic Wood-boring Beetle, Dicerca tenebrosa, that landed on my
jacket zipper in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I just happened
to see it fly in and
land on her.  © Carol Davis 6-20-2018

wood-boring beetle
Nicky's jacket was a camouflage color, so the beetle
thought it was right at home in the woods. We turned
that jacket every which way to get photos and the beetle
thought it was invisible, I guess. © Carol Davis 6-20-2018

goldish beetle in Utah
It couldn't care less that we had cameras in its face.
 I finally had to give it a shove to get it to fly away. 
© Carol Davis 6-20-2018

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