Midge  (three photos)

These are not the "insect horribilus" that all outdoor people dread--the biting midge, the no-see-um--that gets in your
hair and leaves you with the itchies for days and days.   I don't think I've actually seen a no-see-um, hence the name.
It's been rumored they are the Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, the ET, the, dare I say it, Elvis of the insect world. 
So, just  enjoy these photos for I can assure you I will never post a photo of a "biting midge".

male midge
Male Chironomid midge on Antelope Island. Throw a saddle on this one a say whoa!  This is the largest midge I have ever seen. 
I swear it was twice the length of any others in Utah.  Male midges have the frizzy hairdos (antenna). © Carol Davis 10-8-2008

female midge
Female midge on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah © Carol Davis 6-22-2008

mating midges
Male and Female (
Cricotopus?) midge mating at Antelope Island. © Carol Davis, 4-1-07

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