Midge  (two photos)
Alotanypus venustus

Midges are usually quite boring, or so it seems, until you run into one with cool looking wings
like this one.  It was lounging around Red Butte Gardens in SLC.  There's more information on
midge belows.  © Carol Davis 8-29-2011

Alotanypus venustus
These are not biting midges, thank goodness, and in the larval stage prey on other invertebrates (according
to Bugguide.net).  I imagine in the adult stage they just fly around looking for companionship.  Midges are
 often mistaken for mosquitoes. This page from the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement gives some
 good information on distinguishing the differences between the two. © Carol Davis 8-29-2011

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