Mining Bee  (two photos)
Andrena prunorum

mining bee
In a 2007 study published by the USDAAndrena prunorum was listed as one of the top native pollinators of  fruit trees at Capitol
Reef  National Monument in Utah.  The article states there are over 700 species of  native bees in the area (wow!) Most people
aren't aware there are other pollinators besides honey bees.  When I'm out photographing, I hardly ever see honey bees but
 I see lots of other native pollinating bees.  © Carol Davis, 5-8-2008

mining bee

This mining bee, which nests under ground, was on Antelope Island and I was intrigued by its overall
hairiness (especially on its head) and by its golden color.   © Carol Davis, 5-8-2008

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