Mining Bee  (four photos)
Andrena prunorum

mining bee
The long slender wings and the beautiful color of the abdomen were the first things
I noticed on this bee on Antelope Island in 2010.  I was thrilled to find one this year
again on the Island.  Carol Davis 4-13-2015

andrena pronorum
This one was taking nectar from a beautiful flower called the Western Wallflower that I had never seen
before.  I found these while chasing a Northern Mockingbird for a better photo.  I feel like Alice in
Wonderland sometimes when one chase leads to another neat find. Carol Davis 4-13-2015

My original sighting of Andrena pronorum was at Garr Ranch but this one was
closer to the visitors center. You can get a better idea of the size of the flower
and bee in the photo below.  Carol Davis 5-25-2010

Western wallflower and andrena bee
The stems alone on these flowers grow from 5 to 40 inches and are stunning to see looming out
of the sand. Very few people associate Antelope Island with wildflowers but there are all kinds of
 them popping up throughout the growing season including two of my favorites, Buckwheat
and the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant.  Carol Davis 4-13-2015

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