Mining Bee  (three photos)
Genus Andrena

genus Andrena
I found lots of these little Mining Bees on fragrant Biscuitroot flowers (Lomatium grayi) on Antelope Island.
There are over 400 species in the genus Andrena in North America and these little bees come in all sizes
and colors.  Antelope Island Carol Davis, 4-15-2011

mining bee
Because there are so many species in the genus Andrena, they are very difficult to narrow down
to species.  I love photographing these beneficial insects.
Carol Davis, 4-15-2011

mining bee
Mining Bees are solitary bees that do not live in groups but build individual nests in the ground. 
They are not aggressive and in fact you can stand in the middle of the flowers, as I did, and take
pictures and they really couldn't care less.  They are native bees. 
Carol Davis, 4-15-2011

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