Mining Bee  (three photos)
Genus Andrena

andrena mining bee
I think these mining bees in the genus Andrena are some of the most beautiful with their "fur" boas.
The color can range from a light gray to a brownish-red.  © Carol Davis, 5-5-2011

Antelope Island, where I found this bee, is rich with all kinds of bees and wasps. © Carol Davis, 5-5-2011

mining bee
Years ago I never would have approached any insect with a stinger this closely.  Most bees and wasps will ignore
you unless provoked.  Once in a while, though, I do encounter one with an attitude and I can wave my arms and
run screaming with the best of them.  Mining bees hardly ever sting and are good cool weather pollinators.

© Carol Davis, 5-5-2011

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