Mining Bee  (three photos)
Tribe Pseudopanurgus aethiops

Protandrenini mining bee
This little Mining Bee seemed to be gnawing on wild grass on the
east side of Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2015

hairy-legged bee
On this dingy day, it helped to use a flash to take some of the photos and even though
it washed out the grass, it enhanced the beauty of the little bee.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2015

Look at those gaping jaws clamping on to the grass. The little bee did fly off once but came
back because this was a tasty morsel, I guess.  I couldn't find any specific information on
the mining bee tribe, Protandrenini, except that bees in the subfamily
Panurginae (of
which this bee is a member) usually collect pollen from a single plant taxon
(according to Bugguide.)  Here's a link to another one I found on the island. 
Notice one has a yellow face and one a black face.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2015

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