Mud Dauber Nests  (four photos)
Sceliphron caementarium

mud dauber nests
I found four of these nests in the top of my storm door where the sliding glass and screen come to
rest when they're raised (or lowered) seasonally. It wasn't a surprise to me because I had seen
a female for the past three years going up inside there. What a clever place to protect your
her young from predators and weather.  More below. © Carol Davis 11-13-2017

spider fill nests
This clay, which looks very similar to the "soil" in my yard, held the corpses of
many spiders - you can see their legs poking out in the photo. Each of these chunks
of dirt were about the size of a silver dollar and smaller. Part of each was sheered
off because I had to force them out of the small space in the window frame.
Another photo below. © Carol Davis 11-13-2017

mud dauber cells
This shot shows four cells that held the wasps. I think most survived because I had to let a few
out of my house when they emerged on the wrong side of the screen. They are some of the
most beautiful and docile wasps, although they look scary because of their large size
and strange shape. Below is a picture I took on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 11-13-2017

mud dauber
I remember when I was young, my friends and I would run from these wasps
because we were so terrified of them and thought they would sting us. Little
did we know what "softies" these wasps were.  ©Carol Davis 10-16-2017

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