Muddy Mud Dauber
Sceliphron caementarium

grey mud dauber
I had just taken my small group of flowers over to my car to place inside the trunk when I glanced
over and saw this wasp. Now you would think that of all the gazillion flowers the
Okubo's Nursery has
 that the wasp would have been hanging around there, but it must have
preferred these particular flowers.
It spent a long time snacking - long enough for me to take a few
photos, this being the only one that turned
out. I thought the wasp was something different than a Mud Dauber
because it had a gray thorax, but
 I guess it was just a muddy Mud Dauber because I don't know of any other wasp with those yellow
and black markings. Usually the thorax is black.  (I just surfed the Net and found that these
wasps prefer
Parsnip and Water Parsnip and I think this plant is Water Parsnip - it will never
make it in my yard). Last year one of these wasps built a mud nest inside my storm door
near the top where the glass and screen slide up. I couldn't get to it for a photo because it
was way up inside and I don't know if any wasps hatched but the whole kit and
 kaboodle was protected from the elements..  © Carol Davis 6-19-2015

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