Narcissus Bulb Fly  (two photos)
Family - Syrphid Flies
Species - Merodon equestris

merodon equestris
A Narcissus Bulb Fly in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah.  A fly with
a good shot of the wing structure is shown below. Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

Merodon equestris
This rather large colorful syrphid fly was lounging around Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.
to Wikipedia, these flies may have been introduced from the British Isles.
Instead of feeding
 on other insects, like most other syrphid flies, the
larvae of this species feed on the bulbs of Narcissus and
 Lilium  (read more here on Oak Leaf Gardening).
Their hairy bee-like golden appearance sometimes confuses
their predators into thinking they are indeed a bee instead of fly so they look elsewhere for a meal.
another color variation here. Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

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