Net-winged Midge
1/2 to 5/8 inch long

net-winged midge in utah
I just happened to see this neat little insect alight right next to me along the river below Jordanelle
Dam and I was hoping it would stay there while I got my camera ready.  It did.  Because it was
so dark in this area, I had to use a flash and, as you can see, it washed out the flowers on
the plant it was hanging on.
© Carol Davis, 7-18-2010

long legged midge
A Net-winged Midge as a larva eats whatever it can find on the rocks in a river and as an adult it probably
feeds on other insects.  It even resembles a Robber Fly - mini version.  You can read all about this insect
in an article on the Iowa State University site.  It has quite the tricky way of getting from under the water
to the surface when it's time to emerge as an adult.  Check it out!    ©Carol Davis, 7-18-2010

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