Noisy Cicada Consequences   (three photos)
How Northern Utah Cicadas Learned to be More Quiet

loggerhead shrike impales cicada
This is what happens when you're a noisy Cicada in Northern Utah and a
 Loggerhead Shrike hears you. He
attaches you to a barb on a wire fence
 and snacks on you later, but if you happen to evade the Shrike
and keep on making noise, this is what happens to you...

robber fly with cicada
You probably can't get away from the lightning-fast Robber Fly and he will
snack on you right away. I didn't see a lot of "Shrike snacks" on barbed wire
 at Promontory Point but I did see quite a few Robber Flies with Cicadas
 and Grasshoppers in their grasp. And should you happen to get away
 from this hunter, this one is waiting and its name says it all...

cicada killer at Promontory Point
The Cicada Killer is built for taking out Cicadas and they are huge wasps
 (especially the females - this
one is a female).  They are so large they make me
 a little weak in the knees when I get close up for
a photo. I can't imagine the terror
 that strikes the heart of a Cicada when they see one of these. The beasts were flying
around the sunflowers as I was about to leave. As soon as I started to take pictures,
the wind picked up from the nearby thunderstorm and all hope of a picture vanished. 
It was interesting to watch the male and female Cicada Killers stay aboard the sunflower
 leaves as they were being whipped around by the storm. I just found this great article
about these insects written by Tim Heffernan.  Carol Davis, 7-14-2013

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