Northern Carrion Beetle with Hitchhikers
Thanatophilus lapponicus

Thanatophilus lapponicus
We found this Northern Carrion Beetle (with orange mites) just a few feet from a dead
Raccoon in Middle Canyon, Tooele County, Utah.  The beetles often have mite
"hitchhikers" that
go with them from carcass to carcass.   Carol Davis 9-6-2017

northern carrion beetle in Utah
It seemed a little desperate to get to the top of this twig so it could get
 airborne. It was pro
bably being nagged by its first-class passengers.
 Sometimes the mites fly "coach" o
n the beetle's belly. Carol Davis 9-6-2017

mites on carrion beetle
A close-up of the mites.  Ewwww.  Carol Davis 9-6-2017

northern carrion beetle
This is the first Northern Carrion Beetle I ever saw in Utah.
According to, these beetles presumably feed on
 carrion and probably on maggots that are feeding on carrion.  This
 one was just crawling around in broken pieces of a felled tree in the
mountains around Strawberry Reservoir.  Carol Davis, 7/12/11

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