Ornate Checkered Beetles
 (five photos - five different-colored beetles)
Trichodes ornatus

orange Trichodes ornatus
I've seen all colors of this species, but this one was
 a little different - light orange and black. Carol
Davis 8-6-2019, Guardsman Pass, SL County, UT

red and black beetle
This beetle is very similar to the third one on this page
except for the red markings instead of yell
I found it at Payson Lakes in Utah County, UT.
Carol Davis, 7-19-2009


These beetle are interesting. This one that I found in the Kolob
 Canyon Overlook of Zion National Park is yellow with black
markings.  The one below has more extensive black with yellow
markings and the one below that one is orange with black markings
 (some articles have said the black coloring on these beetles is actually
 blue--I'll never take one apart to check it out).  Carol Davis 6-12-2009

checkered beetle
Ornate Checkered Beetle on the Nebo Loop near Payson
Lakes. These beetles feed on other beetles and on pollen, thus
becoming important in the pollination of plants. You can see
how the pollen attaches to the legs. Carol Davis, 7-6-2008

red beetle
A different color of Ornate Checkered Beetle.  This one was on
globe mallow in Nevada.  It's nice to know such a beautiful flower
beetle can be beneficial in pollinating.  Carol Davis, 4-12-2008

head of the ornate checkered beetle
Look at all the pollen on this beetle.  His coloring makes
him perfect for the globe mallow. Carol Davis 4-12-2008

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