Painted Lady Beetle  (three photos)
Mulsantina picta

painted ladybug
Brighton, Salt Lake County, Utah was the home of this
beautiful ladybug. Carol Davis 7-5-2009

Mulsantina picta
As you probably know, red is not the only color that ladybugs come
in (gray, black, yellow, white, pink - to name a few). They might also be
adorned with stripes, zigzags, spots, or just plain  Carol Davis 7-5-2009

Painted Lady Beetle, Mulsantina
Pam Wheeler, Hurricane, Utah, took this neat photo at Pine Valley,
County, Utah. I couldn't find out much about these
ladybugs, but they are beautifully patterned. Thanks to Pam
for sharing her photo. Pam Wheeler, 7-4-2013

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