Paper Wasp  (four photos)
"Bearer of Gold"
Polistes aurifer

polistes aurifer
I really don't see these beautiful wasps that
often, so I'm always intrigued with their beauty. 
ol Davis 9-15-2020, Antelope Island

Bearer of gold
These wasps are much more lovely than their cousins
the Polistes dominula that I find making paper nests
all over my house and carport.  Carol Davis 9-15-2020

polistes aurifer
These beautiful brown and yellow paper wasps seemed
 to be flying out from the bushes and grabbing
what I think
were insects, whether they were grabbing them as they
 landed on the bushes or whether they caught them in the
air, I don't know.  It reminded me of the way Flycatchers
catch insects.  This one is eating something rather
disgusting looking. Carol Davis 4-13-2013

paper wasp
I flipped this photo so it could be seen better - the wasp is
 actually upside-down on the branch like in the
 photo.  I love the brown and yellow color combination of this
 paper wasp and I found quite a few of them
at the Henderson
 Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson, Nevada.  Paper Wasps are
everywhere and come in
varying colors.  Carol Davis, 4-13-2013

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