European Paper Wasp Larva
Polistes dominula

polistes dominula larva
I have to admit that when I saw this slimy little "pod creature" I was freaked out, if now downright repulsed. I had
seen anything like it but since it was on my truck, I figured it just about had to be a European Paper Wasp
larva because that is where a host of adults live. My truck doesn't get much use from humans so the wasps now
call it
their castle and defend it with everything short of moats.  © Carol Davis 8-6-2015

polistes larva
It wasn't scary enough so I had to look at it from this angle; it had a nose, a forehead, two eyes and a
fiendish smile!  It added extra drama to the scene by leaving a trail of slime. On researching the
strange beast and why it was outside the nest, I found references to Polistes wasps grasping defective
and dropping them to the ground. Oddly enough,  "pod baby" reminded me of the 1956 classic,
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made) and I expected Dr. Miles J.
Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) to come
running up shouting, "They're here already! You're next!" As you can
probably guess, I found this larva the next day on a burning haystack. © Carol Davis 8-6-2016

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