The Paper Wasp, the Stink Bug and the Spider  (four photos)
"Drama in the Garden"
Paper Wasp eating Stink Bug
I was visiting Red Butte Garden when I came upon a Paper Wasp chewing on the head of a Stink Bug.
This was rather unusual so I started photographing.  When I moved around for a different view, I saw an
Orb Weaver hanging on the back side of the leaf.   Carol Davis, 7-25-2013

spider and wasp
It was obvious to me that the Stink Bug had been the Orb Weaver's dinner and the Paper Wasp had
flown in and
started snacking on it. The wasp was hurrying as fast as possible and at one point got on
 top of the bug
and tried to fly away with it. 
 But, by this time the spider had moved down to where
the stink bug was caught
in the web by just a couple of legs.
  Carol Davis 7-25-2013

stink bug and wasp and spider
The spider grabbed hold of the remaining tangle of silk and legs and was not letting go.  Finally, as shown in the last photo,
the wasp just grabbed a
wing, devoured it and left (buzzing past my head to let me know it wasn't happy with my presence).  The
 spider knew exactly what was going on and, behind the scenes,
secured what was left of dinner.  Carol Davis 5-25-2013

wasp eating a wing
When I came back about an hour later, the spider had cut the carcass loose and was awaiting
possibly another stink bug (and there were many around).   Carol Davis 7-25-2013

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