Parasitic Wasp
Possible Chalcid Wasp
Hyperparasitic Pteromalid
("Huh?" you say, and I say "Read on!")

wasp being born
I presented these photos to Bugguide for their opinion because I believe this tiny wasp may be hatching from a
mummified aphid. A "mummified aphid" is one that has been injected with an egg from a parasite, like an
aphid wasp, and then that wasp larva inside the aphid is, in turn, injected with an egg from another
parasite like this tiny wasp.  The experts at Bugguide think this may be a Hyperparasitic Pteromalid
There's a good explanation of a "hyperparasite" on Wikipedia.  © Carol Davis 6-10-2014

hyperparasitic wasp
Bugguide has an explanation of what might be happening in these photos and it's totally fascinating
 and bizarre (and their definition is much easier to understand that my ramblings.) Now I can't kill
any aphids because I might be killing these beneficial
wasps who can probably take
care of the aphids better than I can in the long run.  © Carol Davis 6-10-2014

parasitic apocrita
This wasp could have been injecting an egg into the "mummy aphid" instead of hatching out but, if it
was, it took
over an hour to do it.  I wish I had another whole lifetime to learn about the fascinating
world of wasps and bees. 
© Carol Davis 6-10-2014

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