Parasitic Wasp  (four photos)
Family Figitidae

Aspiceratinae parasitic wasp
I went into my back yard to see if I could find any more tiny wasps injecting eggs into aphids
when I spotted this Syrphid Fly larva.  I also saw some very tiny black hovering insects, that
I first thought
were gnats or flies, but then realized were wasps.  They were also interested
in the fly larva and stayed despite my presence.  © Carol Davis 6-7-2016

 One of the wasps, during my close encounter, flew slowly at me and backed me away from the
 rose bush. I guess it had had enough of my interference. Although I could barely see the little
 thing, I stepped back for a time just to pacify it. © Carol Davis 6-7-2016

tiny parasitic wasps
These two tiny creatures were both injecting eggs into this little Syrphid fly
larva - not
just once, but many times.  © Carol Davis 6-7-2016

gnat-like wasp
This is another shot of one of them. I had to use a flash (hence the glare) because the preferred
rose for aphid wasps and these wasps is next to my deck in partial shade I was ecstatic after
finding these at just the right time. You can read more about the family Figitidae here
on Bugguide, but there is little else I could find on the Internet.  © Carol Davis 6-7-2016

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