Parasitic Yellowjacket  (two photos)
Dolichovespula arctica

parasitic yellowjacket
I found a couple of these wasps just off the main road in Big Cottonwood Canyon at Alta, Utah.
They resemble Bald-faced
Hornets.  This one is a female, I believe. © Carol Davis, 9-21-2012

Dolichovespula arctica
According to Bugguide, these wasps are parasites of other wasps such as the
 Aerial Yellowjacket.  A female invades the host's nest before the worker wasps
have hatched. She then kills the resident queen and lays her own eggs. When the
workers emerge they take care of the Parasitic Yellowjacket's larvae when they
Shouldn't there be a horror movie made about this? 
© Carol Davis 9-21-2012

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