Parallel Leaf-cutter Bee
Megachile parallela

megachile parallela
Bees with green eyes are beautiful!  This little leaf-cutter was gathering nectar on
Curly-cup Gumweed on Antelope Island, Davis County, UT.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

parallel leafcutter
In this photo it appears to have a little blob on its eye. I don't think it's
a camera reflection. Gumweed potion?  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

leaf-cutter bee
This little bee is pretty worn, judging from the tattered wings. Leaf-cutter bees
are valuable for pollination and also good for making scalloped patterns on
leaves, though you may not be into that sort of thing. Want to know how to
identify these bees? - visit Discover Life.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

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