Pear Sawfly Larva   (two photos)
 Early instar "Pear Slug"
Caliroa cerasi

pear slug
This blob that looked like a bird-dropping was a little puzzling. I was surprised to see
it moving.  I found out what it was by searching the internet. The early instar stage of
the pear sawfly looks like this and later turns into a caterpillar-like stage in which
most of the damage to leaves occurs.  © Carol Davis 9-11-

Caliroa cerasi
From the caterpillar-like stage, the larva turns into a Sawfly. You can read more
 about it from a Utah
State University Extension Service fact sheet. You can also
view photos of the later instar and the adult sawfly.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

This is the little tree I found the larva on.  I think it's Hawthorn.  © Carol Davis 9-11-2016

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