Periodical Cidada from Ohio
Magicicada septendecim

cicadas in Ohio
This red and black cicada is quite attractive compared to some of
the other Eastern cicadas.  He or she may have lost some of his appeal
with the amputation of one of his right legs (look left).  None of the people in
 Ohio think he is at all attractive since he and all the other cicadas are out
by the millions crashing into people and cars.   Louise Schlensker, 5-25-2006

cicadas everywhere
Cicada nymphs live underground and molt four times, according to
 the University of Florida web site, and then they leave the ground,
attach themselves to a tree and molt for the fifth time (when they
emerge with wings).   The hundreds of casings in this photo are from
 the last molt.  I have included these Ohio photos on my site so the people in
 the Western U. S. can feel grateful they don't have to put up with these. 
We have large Mormon Crickets but they don't look as horrible or make
 the high decibel noise that cicadas produce. 
Louise Schlensker, 5-25-2006

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