Picture-Winged Fly
Genus Tritoxa

Tritoxa picture winged fly
I was lounging in a chair at my friend's campsite at Strawberry Bay campground when I noticed
a bug walking across the cement and heading for the other side. It was waving its little wings
around and I knew instantly I had something good!  © Carol Davis 7-2-2014

I found out today that the male of this species waves its wings to attract females but that poses
a problem since this is a female, judging by the long and flattened tip of the abdomen (according
to Bugguide.) That's what this one was doing - waving its wings.  It also wouldn't fly for some reason
and it didn't look like it had a damaged wing. It just kept walking and
headed into the grass and tried
 to hide.  I got a few pictures but I finally
stopped following it and let it go. It's hard to tell from this
photo but they  have a funny
shaped head - look like a horse wearing a gas mask.  The larvae of most
Picture-winged Flies feed off decaying
matter but some do attack plants and fruit. © Carol Davis 7-2-2014

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