Picture-winged Fly  (two photos)
Genus Physiphora

Physiphora fly
"A one and-a two and-a three" - if you understand that phrase you know your old time TV personalities.
Male Physiphora
flies waves their arms like band leaders while wooing a potential mate. This one was just
practicing a  lot on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah. When I first saw him, I thought he was a spider
 because of the way he walked everywhere and waved his front legs. © Carol Davis 7-6-2015

picture-winged fly
This had to be one of the most frustrating flies I've ever tried to photograph. He never stood still for an instant and
up and down the tall grasses and I "wandered" up and down the grasses with him with my little pocket
 camera. When I bothered him too much, he would fly off and then fly right back and start wandering again.
there had been a female there earlier and he was looking for her. It was weird and I was the first to finally give
 up after many minutes of frustration trying to track this little guy.
© Carol Davis 7-6-2015

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