Lygus Plant Bug  (two photos)
Genus Lygus

I was told that these two plant bugs in my garden are lygus bugs of two different species.  Plant bugs for me, at least,
 are very hard to narrow down to species © Carol Davis, 6-10-2009

lygus bug
Lygus bugs are not something you want in your garden and according to, who identified these bugs for me,
they eat alfalfa, canola, lentils, potato, strawberries, vegetable crops, flax, hemp, fababean, tree fruits and weeds
 such as redroot pigweed, stinkweed, wild mustard, and lambsquarters.
  These particular ones were on my flowers.

Luckily I have predators in my small garden, such as spiders, assassin bugs, praying mantis, bees and wasps
and I let them do the policing for me
.  © Carol Davis, 6-10-2009

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