Pollen Wasp
Subfamily Masarinae
Species Pseudomasaris vespoides

Pseudomasaris vespoides in Penstemon
This seems to be the favorite flower of the beautiful Pollen Wasp shown below. They climb down inside the flower and they
don't leave for a long time. I went back later at dusk and they were actually sleeping in there. I guess that's the only way
to keep someone else from stealing your stash. These were above Strawberry Reservoir along the roadside. 
© Carol Davis, 6-22-2012

Pseudomasaris vespoides
I found this beautiful docile wasp in the mountains above Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah. Notice
 the orange clubbed antennae - that's what made me stop and look more closely at this black and yellow wasp.
Normally when I see black and yellow I think "yellowjacket" or "paper wasp" (yikes!).  According to
 Bugguide, Pollen Wasp larvae eat pollen and nectar instead of insects and the adults provision the
nests with those delicacies. Hmm, vegetarian wasps....     © Carol Davis, 7-25-2011

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