Pollen Wasp  (four photos)
Species Pseudomasaris vespoides

Pseudomasaris vespoides
To see these rather large wasps crawling inside Penstemon is quite a treat. 
Wasatch County seems to be a great place to find them.
Carol Davis 7-23-2017

pollen wasp
According to Bugguide, adults feed on nectar and collect pollen for their larvae. 
They really couldn't care less what you are doing so watching them is a pretty
 safe activity for a summer afternoon.  Below are more
photos taken a
few years earlier at Strawberry Reservoir. Carol Davis 7-23-2017

Pseudomasaris vespoides in Penstemon
This seems to be the favorite flower of the beautiful Pollen Wasp shown below. They climb down
side the flower and they don't leave for a long time. I went back later at dusk and they were
 actually sleeping in there. I guess that
's the only way to keep someone else from stealing your
 stash. These were above Strawberry Reservoir along the roadside. 
Carol Davis, 6-22-2012

Pseudomasaris vespoides
I found this beautiful wasp in the mountains above Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch
 County, Utah. Notice  the orange clubbed antennae - that's what made me stop and look
more closely at this black and yellow wasp. Normally when I see black and yellow I
think "yellow jacket" or "paper wasp" (yikes!).  The USDA Forest Service site
has a wonderful article about these docile wasps.  Carol Davis, 7-25-2011

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