Potter Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Ancistrocerus

possible Ancistrocerus adiabatus

potter wasp
This wasp, which I think is Ancistrocerus adiabatus, was flying around at Red Butte Gardens
 in Salt Lake City, UT.
Potter wasps are some of the most beautiful wasps. Carol Davis, 8-29-2010

Love the smiley face and the contrasting black and yellow.  Carol Davis, 8-29-2010

potter wasp
This slow-moving wasp I spied on a cool November day on Antelope Island was a real find since I didn't
see any other wasps this large. I wasn't sure whether it was alive but it looked healthy.  When I came
in too close for a shot, this little beauty flew off.  It's probably good because there were quite a few large
arachnids in the area.  Potter Wasps make cool little mud huts that look like pottery. Here's a
good article
on them.  Carol Davis, 11-3-2010

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